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Photomultiplier tube GDB | Barium iodide scintillator CsI | Barium Niobate Scintillator BGO | Sodium Iodide Scintillator 

Earthquake-resistant sodium

BGO Crystal 2015-01

Cesium iodide crystals 2015-001


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rystal power technology co., LTD Mainly responsible for oil chemical production technology and service of oil exploration and nu
Beijing crystal power technology co., LTD Mainly responsible for oil chemical production technology and service of oil exploration and nuclear detector
Beijing crystal power technology co., LTD
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Beijing Jingli Technology Co., Ltd. on January 19, 1994.Founded, is a company that produces sodium iodide crystals.

Address: Room 240, East 112, Ande Road, Xicheng District, Beijing
Telephone/fax: 010-62016439


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